How to install the AIX debugger and development tools

This is a request that comes back again and again from my users: "Please install the dbx debugger on machine so-and-so". So, if you have ever wondered how to do it... Here it is!

If you need more information on how to install software packages on AIX, please check the following page: AIXInstallSoftwarePackage.

The development tools and the AIX debugger are all on the AIX installation CD 1 and are contained in the package named bos.adt. This package installs, among others the dbx debugger (and many other things).

If you have ever wondered what "bos", "adt" and others really mean, here is a little crash-course in AIX-speak:

BOSBase Operating System
ADTApplication Development Tools

In order to install all these tools, two files: bos.adt and must be copied on the target machine.

On the first AIX installation CD, these packages can be found under the path /installp/ppc/. For instance, if the CD is mounted under /mnt, the complete path would be: /mnt/installp/ppc.

For instance, here is a screen capture of these files on an AIX 5.3 machine:

-bash-3.00$ ls -alF
total 48832
drwxr-xr-x   2 andre    interne         256 Mar 07 15:53 ./
drwx------   6 andre    interne        4096 Mar 06 16:19 ../
-rw-r--r--   1 andre    interne    24928256 Mar 07 15:36 bos.adt
-rw-r--r--   1 andre    interne       60416 Mar 07 15:36

The next step, once the packages have been copied on the target machine, is to enter the following command:

/usr/lib/instl/sm_inst installp_cmd -a -Q -d '/home/andre/packages' -f '_all_latest'  '-c'  '-g' '-X' '-G' '-V 2' '-Y'

This command should give the following output:

	bash-3.00# /usr/lib/instl/sm_inst installp_cmd -a -Q -d '/home/andre/packages' -f '_all_latest'  '-c'  '-g' '-X' '-G' '-V 2' '-Y'
	geninstall -I "a -cgQqwXY -V 2 -J"  -Z   -d /home/andre/packages -f File 2>&1


			    Pre-installation Verification...
	Verifying selections...done
	Verifying requisites...done

	  Filesets listed in this section passed pre-installation verification
	  and will be installed.
	    -- Filesets are listed in the order in which they will be installed.
	    -- The reason for installing each fileset is indicated with a keyword
	       in parentheses and explained by a "Success Key" following this list.

	  bos.adt.utils (Selected)
	    Base Application Development Utilities - lex and yacc

	  bos.adt.syscalls (Selected)
	    System Calls Application Development Toolkit

	  bos.adt.sccs (Selected)
	    SCCS Application Development Toolkit

	  bos.adt.samples (Selected)
	    Base Operating System Samples

	  bos.adt.prt_tools (Selected)
	    Printer Support Development Toolkit (Selected)
	    Base Profiling Support

	  bos.adt.libmio (Selected)
	    Modular IO Library

	  bos.adt.libm (Selected)
	    Base Application Development Math Library

	  bos.adt.insttools (Selected)
	    Tool to Create installp Packages (Selected)
	    Base Application Development Graphics Include Files

	  bos.adt.debug (Selected)
	    Base Application Development Debuggers (Selected)
	    Base Application Development Toolkit Data

	  Success Key:
	  Selected    -- Explicitly selected by user for installation.
	  Maintenance -- Maintenance Level fileset update; being installed
			 automatically to enable the level of the system to be
	  Mandatory   -- Considered to be important to the system; will always
			 be installed when detected on the installation media.
	  Requisite   -- Requisite of other filesets being installed.
	  P_Requisite -- Previously installed fileset's requisite; being installed
			 automatically now to ensure system's consistency.  (Only
			 installed automatically when "auto-install" (-g flag)
			 is specified.)
	  Supersedes  -- Superseding fileset update; not selected, chosen instead
			 of an older, selected update.  (Only chosen in this fashion
			 when "auto-install" is specified (-g flag)).

	  << End of Success Section >>

			   BUILDDATE Verification ...
	Verifying build dates...done
	   12  Selected to be installed, of which:
	       12  Passed pre-installation verification
	   12  Total to be installed

				 Installing Software...

	installp:  APPLYING software for:

	. . . . . << Copyright notice for bos.adt >> . . . . . . .
	 Licensed Materials - Property of IBM

	[... Here there is a huge list of copyrights...]

	. . . . . << End of copyright notice for bos.adt >>. . . .

	Filesets processed:  11 of 12  (Total time:  6 secs).

	installp:  APPLYING software for:

	. . . . . << Copyright notice for bos.adt >> . . . . . . .
	 Licensed Materials - Property of IBM

	   (C) Copyright International Business Machines Corp. 1987, 2004.
	   (C) Copyright AT&T 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989.
	   (C) Copyright Regents of the University of California 1982, 1983, 1986, 1987.
	   (C) Copyright INTERACTIVE Systems Corporation 1983.
	   (C) Copyright Silicon Graphics, Inc. 1987.
	   (C) Copyright Sun Microsystems, Inc. 1988.

	 All rights reserved.
	 US Government Users Restricted Rights - Use, duplication or disclosure
	 restricted by GSA ADP Schedule Contract with IBM Corp.
	. . . . . << End of copyright notice for bos.adt >>. . . .

	Finished processing all filesets.  (Total time:  6 secs).


	Installation Summary
	Name                        Level           Part        Event       Result
	bos.adt.utils              USR         APPLY       SUCCESS
	bos.adt.syscalls           USR         APPLY       SUCCESS
	bos.adt.sccs               USR         APPLY       SUCCESS
	bos.adt.samples            USR         APPLY       SUCCESS
	bos.adt.prt_tools          USR         APPLY       SUCCESS               USR         APPLY       SUCCESS
	bos.adt.libmio             USR         APPLY       SUCCESS
	bos.adt.libm               USR         APPLY       SUCCESS
	bos.adt.insttools          USR         APPLY       SUCCESS           USR         APPLY       SUCCESS
	bos.adt.debug              USR         APPLY       SUCCESS               SHARE       APPLY       SUCCESS

If you'd like to use smitty, simply enter: smitty install_all and enter the path where the packages are on the very first smitty screen.

Once the installation has completed, you can check the installation with the following command:

bash-3.00# lslpp -al | grep -i debug
  bos.adt.debug      COMMITTED  Base Application Development

Or, in a more detailed way:

bash-3.00# lslpp -al | grep -i bos.adt
bos.adt.base       COMMITTED  Base Application Development
bos.adt.debug      COMMITTED  Base Application Development   COMMITTED  Base Application Development
bos.adt.include    COMMITTED  Base Application Development
bos.adt.insttools  COMMITTED  Tool to Create installp
bos.adt.lib       COMMITTED  Base Application Development
bos.adt.libm       COMMITTED  Base Application Development
bos.adt.libmio     COMMITTED  Modular IO Library       COMMITTED  Base Profiling Support
bos.adt.prt_tools  COMMITTED  Printer Support Development
bos.adt.samples    COMMITTED  Base Operating System Samples
bos.adt.sccs       COMMITTED  SCCS Application Development
bos.adt.syscalls   COMMITTED  System Calls Application
bos.adt.utils      COMMITTED  Base Application Development       COMMITTED  Base Application Development

Finally, you can also use the which command:

bash-3.00# which dbx

PLEASE NOTE All of the above also works for AIX 6.1.