Impossible to login to an AIX machine using FTP

This happened to quite a few users who could not connect to a brand new AIX machine using FTP.

Why were they using FTP instead of SSH, like any normal, reasonable person, you may ask?

Why, because they have years and years worth of automated scripts... and all these scripts use FTP, of course. And, no, we really can't rewrite them all and why can't I connect with FTP to machine X?

Because... According to the man page of ftp (under AIX 5.3):

* The user's login shell must appear in the shells attribute of the /etc/security/login.cfg file.

Aha! These users were using zsh, and therefore, the correct configuration was to add the following line to /etc/security/login.cfg:


Immediately, users were able to FTP into the server without any problem.

Now, I just need to convince them that SSH and SFTP are so much better... :-)