How to manage services under AIX

This is going to be rather short, and to the point:

Listing all services under AIX

Use the lssrc command, as follows:

andre@galactus$ lssrc -a
Subsystem         Group            PID          Status
 syslogd          ras              249984       active
 sendmail         mail             233592       active
 inetd            tcpip            286898       active
 portmap          portmap          266378       active
 biod             nfs              258188       active
 nfsd             nfs              262298       active
 rpc.mountd       nfs              291032       active
 rpc.statd        nfs              127082       active
 rpc.lockd        nfs              229510       active
 qdaemon          spooler          295132       active
 writesrv         spooler          209070       active
 sshd             ssh              893110       active
 ctrmc            rsct             884926       active
 dtsrc                             274630       active
 IBM.ERRM         rsct_rm          917698       active
 IBM.HostRM       rsct_rm          860334       active
 IBM.CSMAgentRM   rsct_rm          852158       active
 IBM.DRM          rsct_rm          942284       active
 IBM.AuditRM      rsct_rm          921804       active
 IBM.ServiceRM    rsct_rm          938192       active
 i4llmd           iforls           950480       active
 i4lmd            iforls           864468       active
 i4gdb            iforls           905436       active
 IBM.LPRM         rsct_rm          958680       active
 ctcas            rsct             2121852      active
 lpd              spooler                       inoperative
 LUMlmd           lumls                         inoperative
 LUMgdb           lumls                         inoperative
 rwhod            tcpip                         inoperative
 xntpd            tcpip                         inoperative
 snmpd            tcpip                         inoperative
 aixmibd          tcpip                         inoperative
 hostmibd         tcpip                         inoperative
 snmpmibd         tcpip                         inoperative
 dpid2            tcpip                         inoperative
 dhcpcd           tcpip                         inoperative
 dhcpcd6          tcpip                         inoperative
 ndpd-host        tcpip                         inoperative
 ndpd-router      tcpip                         inoperative
 tftpd            tcpip                         inoperative
 gated            tcpip                         inoperative
 named            tcpip                         inoperative
 routed           tcpip                         inoperative
 iptrace          tcpip                         inoperative
 timed            tcpip                         inoperative
 dhcpsd           tcpip                         inoperative
 dhcpsdv6         tcpip                         inoperative
 dhcprd           tcpip                         inoperative
 mrouted          tcpip                         inoperative
 rsvpd            qos                           inoperative
 policyd          qos                           inoperative
 pxed             tcpip                         inoperative
 binld            tcpip                         inoperative
 dfpd             tcpip                         inoperative
 keyserv          keyserv                       inoperative
 ypbind           yp                            inoperative
 automountd       autofs                        inoperative
 nfsrgyd          nfs                           inoperative
 gssd             nfs                           inoperative
 llbd             iforncs                       inoperative
 glbd             iforncs                       inoperative
 cpsd             ike                           inoperative
 tmd              ike                           inoperative
 isakmpd          ike                           inoperative
 cdromd                                         inoperative
 i4glbcd          iforncs                       inoperative
 muxatmd          tcpip                         inoperative
 nimsh            nimclient                     inoperative
 vert_serv        nrd                           inoperative
 wsmrefserver                                   inoperative
 IBM.FSRM         rsct_rm                       inoperative

Stopping individual services

Use the stopsrc command, as root, like this:

stopsrc -s snmpd
stopsrc -s aixmibd

This, as you probably guessed, stops the SNMP and AIXMIB services on the target machine.

Starting individual services

Use the startsrc command (surprise!)

See also

The man pages for the lssrc, startsrc and stopsrc commands.