Console Goodies!

Here are a list of a ton of console-only software that I love and use all the time, in no particular order:

  1. mtr (combines ping & traceroute in one awesome package - has a console mode and a GUI mode).
  2. nethogs (see which process is consuming all the bandwidth).
  3. tcptrack (list all traffic visible on a network interface)
  4. NMON (top on steroids. Or crack). See also my page on compiling NMON under Slackware.
  5. w3m (text-only browser). Please note that w3m requires the GC library to be compiled. Under Slackware, compile w3m with the following command: ./configure --enable-image=no && make all && sudo make install
  6. rtorrent (text-only torrent downloader). Yes, I download a lot of stuff using Bittorrent - suck it up Hadopi! =)
  7. iotop (displays I/O operations per process).
  8. vnstat (console network statistics)
  9. calcurse (Awesome calendar and to-do list).
  10. Canto (RSS console reader - untested so far)
  11. newsbeuter (RSS console reader - untested so far)

Why use console software? Because they usually require less resources than full GUI software, load faster and do just as good of a job as the bloated monstruosities that pass for modern applications... :-)

(Cranky old geezer that I am!) ;-)