How to force Murus to display in English

Full disclosure: i don't like programs who are localized.

Usually, the localization is badly done and the meaning of important words and error messages is twisted.

Murus is a pretty good graphical frontend to pf, the Open BSD packet firewall, definitely one of the best firewalls out there.

But Murus displays everything in the local language, and the translation is just one big mess.

Fear not! Enter the following commands to delete the localization files and Murus will go back to the English language for all its menus and options:

$ cd /Applications/
$ cd Resources
$ sudo rm -Rfv ./es.lproj/ ./fr.lproj/ ./it.lproj/ ./ja.lproj/

A fair word of warning though: doing this deletes all the localized resources of Murus.

If you want them back, for whatever reason, you will have to re-install Murus from scratch.

Hope this helps!