Mac OS X

After so many years under Linux and (bleargh) Microsoft Windows, why did I finally relented and bought... A mac?

Well, you have to give it to Apple: Mac OS X is sleek, very easy to use and quite powerful. While I still prefer a ''real'' UN*X for my day-to-day work, I have to admit that a Macintosh ''just works'' and that, down at the command line, it is actually OK as an operating system.

There are quite a lot of Open Source software under Mac OS X, and that is also a great part of its appeal.

This being said, even though my 11" Mac Book Air is close to perfection when it comes to power, transportability and ease of use, you also have to recognize that it is also a lot more expensive that the equivalent PC (the ASUS Zen Book comes to mind).

If you are a beginner Mac user, please do not spend too much time reading this: most of the information on this page is for hard-core nerds and system administrators that want to run their usual command line applications under their Macintosh.

The usual disclaimer apply: if you mess up your Mac following some of the crazy hare-brained scheme on this page... You are on your own!

Notes on Mac OS X

Hope these helps!