Mac OS X bashrc

Just because I can, hey, this is my wiki after all! ;-)

alias ls="ls -F -G"
alias ll="ls -lFG"
alias lt="ls -lrt -FG"
alias grep="grep --color=always"

Drop this in your home directory and you will have:

That's all! Check the different Mac OS X man pages for more information on these different options... Hope this helps!


Here is the current one. make of that what you will:

# switch language to C by default
export LANG=C
# make ls colored by default
alias ls="ls -FG"
# long list
alias ll="ls -lFG"
# long list +FIFO
alias lt="ls -lrtFG"
# colorize grep, but only interactively
alias grep="grep --color=auto"
# make less search case-insensitive by default
alias less="less -I"

A bit more simple, but gives you the needed bells and whistles.