Anything Goes!

Here is a grab-bag of information and a hodge-podge of entries that don't really fit anywhere else...

Expect a lot of shell and vim tips, since these are two tools no system administrator should be left without!

I hope they are helpful, but please don't forget the disclaimer and do not follow blindly the examples shown here, but do try to adapt the information of this wiki to your site.

  1. X11 error message - Xlib: Putty X11 proxy: wrong authentication protocol attempted: X11PuttyProxy
  2. How to create a good password: CreateAGoodPassword
  3. Best screenrc and ls configuration: BestScreenLsConfig
  4. How to dump the Putty configuration into a text file: PuttyDumpConfig
  5. How to use Vim instead of Pico in Pine: PineUseVimAsEditor
  6. How to quickly convert a DOS file into a UNIX file in Vim: VimConvertDosToUnix
  7. My personal Elvis configuration: ElvisConfigurationFile
  8. Using Bash parameters substitutions - external link
  9. A few expect script examples - external link
  10. Folding code lines in Vim (and other small tips): FoldingCodeInVim
  11. Finding ram-eating process in one line - external link
  12. Rename several files with spaces in their names in one line: RemoveSpaceOneLiner
  13. Lots of text-only (or ''console'') programs that I love: ConsoleSoftware
  14. How to convert a human-readable date to ctime: ConvertDateToCTime
  15. Sort a file according to its second column: SortFileBySecondColumn
  16. My very own script to backup mysql: ScriptBackupMysql
  17. A script to black-list an IP address in iptables: ScriptIpTables
  18. A script to auto-ban FTP brutes that attack vsftpd: ScriptVsftpdExcluder
  19. How to SSH into a local virtual machine hosted by Virtual Box: SSHIntoVirtualBox
  20. How to remove all HTML tags from a file: RemoveAllHtmlTags
  21. How to reconfigure Perl CPAN on the fly: ReconfigureCPAN
  22. How to change the administrator password of Mysql: ChangeMysqlAdminPassword

That's all for now. Do come back some other time!