How to change the default boot option

If, like me, you use Net BSD under, for instance Virtual Box, you have encountered ACPI bugs that prevent your virtual machine.

Essentially, Net BSD ACPI and Virtual Box ACPI don't agree together and the OS crashes when booting or rebooting.

To solve this, change the default boot option in the file /boot.cfg:

menu=Boot normally:rndseed /var/db/entropy-file;boot netbsd
menu=Boot single user:rndseed /var/db/entropy-file;boot netbsd -s
menu=Disable ACPI:rndseed /var/db/entropy-file;boot netbsd -2
menu=Disable ACPI and SMP:rndseed /var/db/entropy-file;boot netbsd -12
menu=Drop to boot prompt:prompt

Like in the file shown above, change the default= value to '3' (the value should be '1' by default), which disables ACPI and allows the virtual machine to boot successfully.

However, please be aware that this means machine does not respond correctly to /etc/reboot and other commands that use the ACPI functions.

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