How to add a nice color ''ls''

Really, really simple, but it took me a long time to figure it out. Thanks to the Open BSD hackers at, I was able to figure it out... (Yes I am slow like that sometimes, but, hey, I never really needed color ls anyway...)

Open BSD, by default, uses a very nice ''ksh'' shell, which can display colors! In order to do this, first install the Free BSD color ls, which is available in the packages of Open BSD:

# pkg_add -i colorls

Once colorls is installed, simply add the folowing lines to your .profile in order to always have colors applied:

alias ls='colorls -GF'
alias ll='colorls -lhGF'
alias lt='colorls -lrthGF'

That's it! Quick and easy and so much easier on the eyes... ;-)

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