How to use Vim in Pine instead of Pico

For all of my editing needs, I use either Vim or Elvis or just plain vi when nothing else is available.

I have several accounts on shell-only machines, and, for these, I prefer to use pine (also known as alpine in its newer incarnations) as my email client of choice. I know, I know, real nerds use mutt, but pine works for me, so this is what I use.

But how do you configure pine to use vim, a real text editor, instead of the dreaded pico, which is like a toy compared to the beauty that is vim?

Simple enough, follow the steps below:

That's it!

The next time you edit an email, vim will be started, in all its goodness, to allow you to edit your email much faster, and much more powerfully, than pico.

How course, this supposes that vim is installed on the machine you are also using pine from... But it is such a powerful editor than installing it is pretty much mandatory (at least, it is mandatory everywhere I go).

Hope this helps!

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