How to fix Akregator issues under Opensuse

This is valid on my office workstation, using: Opensuse 12.3 (Dartmouth), KDE 4.10.5 and its associated Akregator 4.10.5.

I have to say I like Akregator, especially since Google retired its Google Reader application.

But... The darn thing is buggy!! Once in a while it will simply stop displaying all the articles from the feeds. And don't get me started on opening articles in Konqueror - this simply does not work. Opening articles under Firefox works, though, so that's a minimal problem.

Now, about the displaying no articles problem, here is the best way to get back to a clean slate:

1. Export your feeds to an OPML file

To do this, open Akregator, go to: File > Export Feeds and save the file either on your Desktop or in another safe place.

2. Delete all the zigs for great justice!!

Delete the Akregator application configuration and its cache directory:

gil@GALINUX:~> cd .kde4/share/config/
gil@GALINUX:~/.kde4/share/config> rm -v ./akregatorrc 
removed ‘./akregatorrc’

gil@GALINUX:~> cd ./.kde4/share/apps/
gil@GALINUX:~/.kde4/share/apps> rm -Rfv ./akregator/
[... Long list of directories and files being deleted...]
removed directory: ‘./akregator/Archive’
removed ‘./akregator/crashed’
removed ‘./akregator/data/feeds.opml’
removed ‘./akregator/data/feeds.opml~’
removed directory: ‘./akregator/data’
removed directory: ‘./akregator’

You are done!

3. Re-import Akregator feed data

Almost done! Open Akregator, which should now be completely empty. Click on File > Import Feeds and select the file you saved at stage one.

This seems to reset Akregator and allows it to display correctly the articles and the article count.

If any KDE/Akregator developper is reading this: please fix these bugs! They make an otherwise excellent software a pain in the neck to use!!