Install RAR under Slackware

Sometimes, you will find yourself with a .RAR file that has been compressed under Windows or some other operating system. The RAR compression scheme should (in my opinion) almost never used under Linux, since there are tons of free software that have compression levels just as good - or even better - than RAR. Try, for instance xz or rzip if you need high-performance compression programs with support for extremely large files.

But, nevertheless, here is how to install rar and unrar under Slackware:

Download the files from rarlabs

As simple as a wget:

gil@udon:~/files/download$ wget

Unpack the files and copy to /usr/local/bin

The programs are delivered in a standard .tar.gz archive:

gil@udon:~/files/download$ tar tvzf rarlinux-3.9.1.tar.gz 

Enter the rar directory and copy the files to /usr/local/bin to allow everyone to use these:

gil@udon:~/files/download$ cd rar
gil@udon:~/files/download/rar$ sudo cp -v ./rar ./unrar /usr/local/bin/
`./rar' -> `/usr/local/bin/rar'
`./unrar' -> `/usr/local/bin/unrar'

And... That's it! You can now use rar and unrar to create or uncompress RAR files on your Slackware system.

You are welcome!

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