Slackware Linux


What can be said about Slackware? Many things, including that it is the oldest surviving Linux distribution. Derived originally from SLS (a distribution that has been defunct for a long time now), Slackware Linux has been developed since 1993 by Patrick Volkerding, one of the great heroes of Open Source (in my humble opinion).

Slackware is not for everyone: it is a demanding operating system, but one that rewards effort and a willingness to learn with almost complete control. Slackware is an amazing distribution, in the sense that it is both spartan and complete: you won't find a lot of fluff under Slackware. On the other hand, almost everything you need is probably there, from text editors to advanced network services.

Slackware never assumes you are a newbie or a dumb person. But it does expect you to read documentation and man pages, and also to be handy with a C compiler. Once installed, the system gets off your way, and lets do as you please. Compact, fast, and surprise-free, Slackware is all the Linux you need. Do try it!

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