== How to quickly launch a job with the {{{at}}} command ==

Just when you need to do something in a hurry... :

{{{ root@galactus$ at -t now -f "/team/scripts/backup/all_files" at: bad time specification }}}

Now, {{{at: bad time specification}}} is the kind of answer you will get all the time with the default {{{at}}} command from Solaris. This is truly a pain in the neck.

How do you get around this? Simple:

{{{ root@galactus$ echo /team/scripts/backup/all_files | at now commands will be executed using /usr/bin/ksh job 1216318691.a at Thu Jul 17 20:18:11 2008 }}}

Let's double-check the execution of the script:

{{{ root@mars$ ps -fe | grep -i root.*backup | grep -v grep root 15003 14998 0 20:18:11 ? 0:00 /usr/bin/ksh /team/scripts/backup/all_files }}}

And we are done!

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