Quick and dirty installation of a printer under Solaris

PLEASE NOTE This is the quick and dirty version! Please refer to SolarisInstallManagePrinter for a much more detailed, and much better version of this!

The easy way to configure a printer under Solaris is to simply copy the printer-related information (contained in /etc/printers.conf) from another machine on which it is configured.

For instance:

root@galactus # cat /etc/printers.conf
#       If you hand edit this file, comments and structure may change.
#       The preferred method of modifying this file is through the use of
#       lpset(1M)
        :description=DEV3 :


        :description=Imprimante TUNISIE:

If you'd like to configure printer DEV3, configured here on the machine named galactus on another machine, simply copy the relevant lines to the other machine.

That's all! But, of course, this means you are exposing yourself to some risks...

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