Basic monitoring tools under Solaris

Here is a list of basic monitoring tools that are (should?) be available by default under Solaris 10.

Please note that these often replace better-known UNIX utilities. However, said utilities have to be installed

Basic utilities

Here is a handy table & chart for most of these utilities:

prstatSimplified 'top'
vmstatVirtual memory stats
iostatI/O stats (duh !) ;-)
mpstatPer-CPU stats
pfilesSimplified 'lsof'


Dtrace is pretty much the swiss army knife of system utilities. It slices, it dices, and it is able to monitor almost everything that goes on in a Solaris machine (and FreeBSD as well).

Instead of describing it, and giving a full account on how to use it, I'll simply have to send you to the section below and the official documention from Sun. I may write my own hints and tips on Dtrace in the future.


ILOM is the equivalent of OpenBoot? for remote management. Please see the links below for more documentation.

Sun Explorer

Sun Explorer is designed to gather as much information as possible from your machine. Sun usually requests Sun Explorer output for all support requests.

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