How to fix the NFS: Not Owner problem

If you are trying, on a Solaris machine, to mount, from a Linux machine NFS export, into a local directory, you will sometimes run into the following problem:

# mount -F nfs -o rw galactus:/home/dev4 /mnt/nfs/galactus/dev4
nfs mount: mount:  /mnt/nfs/galactus/dev4: Not owner

Wot?!!? Of course, all ownership and access rights are correct on /mnt/nfs/galactus/dev4...

This problem comes from an NFS version mismatch: Solaris thinks it is talking to an NFS v4 server, while the Linux server is using NFS v3.


Use the "-o vers=" option to force the Solaris mount command to use the proper version.

For instance:

# mount -F nfs -o rw -o vers=3 galactus:/home/dev4 /mnt/nfs/galactus/dev4

And here is the corresponding /etc/vfstab entry, to make sure the NFS mount is going to be permanent:

galactus:/home/dev4 - /mnt/nfs/galactus/dev4 nfs - yes rw,bg,vers=3

Note the vers=3 option at the very end of the line.

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