Modifying system variables for an Oracle installation

Please note the following applied mainly to an Oracle installation on Solaris 8, but Solaris 10 (and others) should be more or less the same. Hopefully, you don't have to do this every day!


In order to install Oracle properly, it is necessary to modify several system variables to values more suited for the databases to work properly.

1. Short list of system variables to be modified.

This list is not exhaustive, so don't take my word for it! You may have to modify more (or less) system variables than this, so ask your local DBA about Oracle's requirements... Or consult the Oracle documentation.

2. Modifying one (or several) variables.

For instance, to modify the variable named noexec_stack, simply insert the following line in the /etc/system file on a Solaris 8 or 10 machine :

set noexec_user_stack=1

Then, you will need to reboot the machine. Easier said than done on a production machine !

Here is an example from one of the servers that I manage:

* Added by system team for Oracle 10Gr2
set noexec_user_stack=1

Please note that, in the example shown above, all the commentaries of the /etc/system files are preceded by a * and not a # as is usual in other UNIX configuration files.

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