Suse Linux

SUSE Linux - well, what can I say? While it is not a bad distribution of Linux, it combines two of the technologies that I hate the most: RPM, the worst package manager of all times, and YAST, which tries (very hard) to be an even worse version of smitty than the original!

Add to this some fairly weird technical choices (Wot? No gcc in the base install??) and you have a very very tough trip ahead of you my friends.

Anyway, once you get past these failings, I guess SUSE (and its "community" version Open Suse) are not too bad. At least they provide a fairly stable & solid Linux distribution... But one that also considers you as a complete moron, which I find very annoying.

Notes on SUSE Linux

Here are all the notes I have made on Suse Linux. As usual, the standard disclaimer apply: I have no idea what I am doing, so take these with a grain of salt, and make sure you test, test and test again before doing anything on your production servers...

  1. How to install RT on an Open Suse machine: [[SuseInstallRT?]]
  2. How to install Symantec Netbackup on Suse Linux Enterprise 11: SuseInstallNetbackup
  3. How to solve an Apache undefined symbol issue: SuseApacheUndefinedSymbol
  4. How to solve the sudo behaviour (sudo asks for the root password??): SuseSudoAsksRootPassword
  5. How to install denyhosts on SUSE Linux 11: SuseInstallDenyHosts
  6. How to install PHP 5.3 on SUSE Linux 11 SP1: External link - I may write something about this someday...
  7. How to fix a PHP version problem between CLI and Apache2: SuseFixPHPIssues
  8. How to fix Akregator issues under Opensuse: SUSEFixAkregatorIssues
  9. How to fix Virtual Box problems under Open Suse: SUSEFixVirtualBox
  10. How to compile KDE connect under Open Suse: SUSECompileKdeConnect
  11. How to install locate under Open Suse: SUSEInstallLocate