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> # How to solve network performance problems: [[AIXNetworkPerformance]]


This page contains all the information I have written so far on IBM AIX. Most of these are for AIX version 5.x, but should be valid for slightly older/newer versions (such as 6.x)

AIX is one of the strangest UNIX out there. Most of it is UNIX, all right, but some of the utilities and functionalities of AIX are truly... out there (not always in a bad way, though).

Working on AIX for a while gives a whole new meaning to the sentence: "We are from IBM and we know what's good for you"... ;-)

Apart from that, I have seen some serious crashes on AIX, due to some badly-behaved applications that hog the memory and CPU. Also, performance issues using Java -- some Linux machines seem to have much, much better performances than more powerful AIX servers.

General information on AIX

Here are a few useful links for AIX :

Notes on AIX

These are all the notes I have gathered on AIX so far. More will be added as I go.

Please note that these are notes: whenever these notes give you a device name, a user name, a program name, etc., you should always double-check to make sure this applies to your machines/sites.

In other words: USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. The author won't accept any responsibility for damages that you inflict on your poor machines because you were too lazy to make sure this actually works on your machine...

  1. How to install a software package on AIX: AIXInstallSoftwarePackage
  2. How to install an RPM software package on AIX: AIXInstallRPM
  3. How to install the AIX debugger and programming environments: AIXDebuggerInstallation
  4. How to compile Subversion under AIX: AIXSubversionCompilation
  5. How to unlock a user account: AIXUnlockAccount
  6. AIX "killall" command - a warning: AIXKillAll
  7. How to delete a user on AIX: AIXDeleteUser
  8. How to control a tape drive under AIX: AIXTapeDrive
  9. How to solve a rc.powerfail problem under AIX: AIXPowerFail
  10. How to display the exact version of AIX: AIXOSLevel
  11. How to increase the size of a filesystem under AIX: AIXFilesystemSize
  12. How to solve an FTP login problem under AIX: AIXFTPLogin
  13. How to force a password under AIX: AIXMisbehavingPassword
  14. How to display swap information under AIX: AIXSwapInformation
  15. How to add swap under AIX: AIXAddSwap
  16. How to delete a SAN disk on AIX: AIXRemoveSanDisk
  17. How to manage services under AIX: AIXManageServices
  18. How to display process memory consumption under AIX: AIXProcessMemoryConsumption
  19. How to improve the performance of an AIX machine: AIXPerformance
  20. How to display and modify the AIX system parameters: AIXSystemParameters
  21. How to display the AIX bootlevel (32 or 64 bits): AIXBootLevel
  22. How to know which disk is the boot disk under AIX: AIXBootDisk
  23. How to know if a disk is a SAN disk or not: AIXSANDiskOrNot
  24. How to check if the X11 server is active or installed under AIX: AIXServerX11
  25. How to solve a 0509-130 Symbol resolution failed for... problem under AIX: AIXSymbolResolutionFailed
  26. How to solve a ksh: scp: not found problem on AIX: AIXSCPNotFound
  27. How to compile lsof under AIX: AIXCompileLsof
  28. How to delete static routes (the kind that comes back even after a reboot?): AIXDeleteRoute
  29. How to have a longer login limit: AIXLoginLimit
  30. How to compile GPG under AIX: AIXCompileGPG
  31. How to configure NFS under AIX: AIXConfigNFS
  32. How to list APARs (official system patches) installed on an AIX machine: AIXListAPAR
  33. How to add routes the quick and dirty way: AIXQuickDirtyRoutes
  34. How to quickly restore printers on an AIX machine: AIXRestorePrinters
  35. How to solve a problem with AIX 'mv' command (/usr/bin/mv: 0403-027 The parameter list is too long): AIXListTooLong
  36. How to enable disk statistics on an AIX machine: AIXEnableDiskStats
  37. How to enable telnet on an AIX machine: AIXEnableTelnet
  38. How to display the hardware of an AIX machine: AIXDisplayHardware
  39. How to solve a 1501-265 munch not installed arror: AIXMunchNotInstalledError
  40. How to optimize paging with the 'ioo' command: AIXOptimizePagingWithIOO
  41. How to stop/restart printer queues: AIXStopRestartPrinterQueues
  42. How to really mess things up with smitty and network configuration: AIXDieSmittyDiePartI
  43. How to set the hostname if 'uname' does not work properly: AIXIncorrectHostname
  44. How to solve network performance problems: AIXNetworkPerformance

That's all for now. Check again later...